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Sustainable Production

All of our designs are made using an eco-friendly process and we make products on a zero-waste policy.

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Sustainable Packaging

Waste is building up in our cities everyday, that's why we use recycled and biodegradable materials to package and ship products.

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Built on your generosity..

We are only able to be the brand that we are with your help and support. Thanks to your support, we are able to build a brand that is creating a community of change. A community of positive impact that will represent and change people's lives accross the globe.

About us

Premium Streetwear

Every single piece that is produced for you, has significance. Made with quality material and good intentions. Everytime you wear one of our pieces, let it remind you how you helped change someone's life and contributed to a greener, happier planet.

Made to Order

Zero-waste is how we like to operate, and that's what makes every single item that much more special. We don't mass produce, we make it just for you, when you want it.

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Muslim Owned

We embody Islamic values in every single aspect of our operations. We operate with respect, honesty and inclusivity. We are proud to represent Islamic values in the fashion industry.

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What Makes our Family Special.

Our family comes first. Whether that's our customers, or our global family in the smallest corners of the world. That's the motto the brand aims to live by. We searched and tested all kinds of peices before bringing you the collection we have today. We are dedicated to providing you the best and that's why we made sure that you were getting quality pieces produced and shipped in sustainable and ethical ways.

We are setting out to be a community-first and profit-second brand"

Adan Ahmed, Founder